Removable Prosthodontics by Charleston Dental Associates

Charleston Dental Associates offers removable prosthodontics, including partials and full dentures, for our patients throughout the Charleston SC area.

Partials by Charleston Dental Associates

A partial is a dental appliance that replaces one or more natural teeth. Unlike a fixed bridge, you are able to remove a partial from the mouth when you wish. A partial uses a pink acrylic base to attach the teeth to be replaced. Metal clasps fit around your remaining teeth to stabilize the partial in the mouth.

A partial may have:

  • Metal framework and metal clasp with the acrylic and teeth attached
  • Connectors to crowns which eliminate the need for clasp
  • Nylon or vinyl material to eliminate metal framework

Complete Dentures by Charleston Dental Associates

Complete dentures are worn by patients who are missing all the teeth in a single arch. Complete dentures can restore a natural facial appearance (mitigating that “sunken” look) and can correct loss of supporting structures due to tooth loss. The addition of dental implants can increase the stability and function of a complete dental restoration.

Full Function, Natural Look Partials and Dentures

Restorative dentistry can help when you are missing some, several, or all of your teeth. Well-constructed partials and complete dentures by Charleston Dental Associates can provide full dental function that looks and feels natural. Interested in learning more about removable prosthodontics such as partials and full dentures? Contact Charleston Dental Associates today!