Preventive Dentistry from Charleston Dental Associates

Charleston Dental Associates provides expert preventive dentistry treatments to our patients across the Charleston SC area.

We believe that healthy teeth and gums not only lead to a beautiful smile but also to good general health. Your oral health might affect, or be affected by, or contribute to various diseases or conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to endocarditis (infection of the inner lining of your heart), cardiovascular disease, lung disease, stroke, pregnancy and birth, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

We are conscientious about your overall health. So Charleston Dental Associates provides a range of preventive dental therapies to our valued clients.

Preventive Dentistry Includes:

  • Dental Cleaning and General Exams: Typically once every six months, though you may need more frequent visits to improve or maintain your dental periodontal health.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to plaque bacteria.
  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy: Non-surgical periodontal therapy is the first, least invasive treatment for periodontal disease.
  • Scaling and Root Planning: Scaling and root planning is a careful cleaning of the root surfaces of teeth where deep periodontal pocketing is present.

Charleston Dental Associates: An Ounce of Prevention…

At Charleston Dental Associates, we believe that the best way to treat oral health conditions and diseases is to PREVENT them. A simple preventive intervention today can help you avoid a more complex restorative measure down the road. So, make a smart investment in preventive dental care – contact Charleston Dental Associates today!